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ACT 101: Career Exploration

  • Aeronautical Center of Technology


This is a one-year course that will introduce the student to aerospace studies and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Rocketry and Launch Systems: Aerospace Studies is focused on the physics, mechanics, and environment of space exploration. Launch systems and procedures will be covered. These are studied using both lecture and model rocketry. Commercial and governmental space agencies are studied as are the different aerospace careers available. Student membership in the National Association of Rocketry is required. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot Certification: In Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) the student will complete a FAA Part 107 ground school leading to preparation for the FAA Small UAS certificate- commercial drone pilot license. Students will explore aerial photography, videography, mapping, search, and rescue. Students will also spend time practicing drone flying skills. Students will have the opportunity for UAS jobs and apprenticeships. Taking and passing the FAA Part 107 test is required for the apprenticeships/jobs. Students that pass the FAA UAS exam will receive their Commercial Drone License.

Deposit & Withdrawal Policy

Deposits: Your deposit is refundable up to 14 days before the beginning of your class/program start date. To cancel or reschedule please contact us before that 14 day period. The deposit secures your seat and will go towards your tuition, however, if you withdraw from the course at any point after the 1st day of class, your deposit is forfeited due to that seat not being filled. You will still be eligible for 100% of your tuition. Drop Class/Withdrawal: Depending on when you drop out, you may qualify for a full or partial refund on your tuition. Students who drop classes or withdraw from a program at the A.C.T. before or on the first day of the class or program are eligible to receive 100% reimbursement. (Excluding the deposit.) 14 days after the beginning of any class or program the amount you will be refunded will decrease to 75%. The amount you stand to be refunded will decrease the later into the class or program you wait. After 30 days the amount you will be refunded is 50%.

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  • Aeronautical Center of Technology

    Aeronautical Center of Technology, Airport Parkway, Greenwood, IN, USA


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