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Aircraft Design and Construction

The Aircraft Engineering Construction program will introduce the student to the proper use of tools in building an airplane, rigging required for flight controls, instrument installation, understanding drawings, and shop safety procedures. The student will also gain understanding of electrical systems, avionics installation and aircraft maintenance. Our students  will build a real airplane, the Vans Aircraft RV-12 LSA.

Elite Pilot Program

This is a 9-week program consisting of 6+ hours of flight instruction per week. Several scholarships are available through EAA Chapter 1354 and the Ray Foundation. Your schedule will consist of no less than three flight lessons per week as weather permits. Flight instruction will include the use of FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (flight simulator - DCX MAX). Students, at the end of the training and successfully passing the Practical test flight, will have their FAA Single Engine Private Pilot Certification.


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