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Show your support with a recurring donation of your choice.

This will be for as long as you like. But we'll be forever grateful!

  • 1$
    Every month
    Donate $1 per month to the ACT. *You can cancel at anytime.*
  • 5$
    Every month
    Donate $5 per month to the ACT.
  • Recommended
    Every month
    Donate $10 per month to the ACT.
  • 20$
    Every month
    Donate $20 per month to the ACT.
  • 50$
    Every month
    Donate $50 per month to the ACT.

A Little Goes A Long Way!

Sustained Support

Your monthly donations provide a consistent and reliable source of funding for our aviation program. This steady support allows the ACT to plan and implement long-term initiatives.

Enhanced Program Development

By donating you support the development of new initiatives, programs, or resources within the ACT. We recently have been awarded a grant towards a FAA Certified Flight Simulator, but need your help raising the remaining amount. Our plans are leading to continuous improvement and innovation for the ACT and the aviation community we serve.

Infrastructure and Equipment Upgrades

Funds from monthly donations will also be allocated to infrastructure improvements, facility upgrades, or the acquisition of advanced equipment. This ensures that our aviation program stays current and competitive.

Operational Stability

Regular financial support helps ensure the operational stability of our aviation program. It provides the necessary funds for routine maintenance, upgrades, and ongoing educational activities.

Student Scholarships

Donations are also directed toward creating and expanding scholarship programs for aspiring pilots or students interested in aviation-related fields. This promotes education and helps reduce financial barriers.

Budget Planning

For our aviation program, knowing that it has a predictable stream of income each month allows for better budget planning. It enables us to allocate resources efficiently and pursue strategic goals.

Monthly donations, even if they are in smaller amounts, can accumulate into a significant contribution over time. This sustained giving allows donors to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the ACT and our aviation community. 

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