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101: Rocketry & Launch Systems

Students will learn Newton’s Laws of Motion as they relate to rocket propulsion. Students will design a custom fuselage nose cone to create using a 3D printer. They will also design, build and launch their own model rockets.

Students will learn Newton’s laws of motion as it relates to rocket propulsion as well as design and build their own model rocket. The initial design will be a single engine model before moving on to multiple engine designs. Students will mathematically calculate the weight of the assembled rocket and compare to the actual weight. They will also calculate the weight to thrust ratio to ensure the rocket will actually launch. They will calculate the cost of the rocket based upon cost data provided by the instructor. Students will also have an opportunity to design a custom fuselage nose cone, which they can then use a 3-D printer to fabricate.



Upcoming Class:

Will take place Monday through Friday from 12:00PM to 1:30 PM, starting on Aug 7, 2023.


⦁ High School Students


Mr. Greg Hill


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