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100: Intro to Aviation Science

The Introduction to Aviation Science course is a cooperative program between the Aeronautical Center of Technology, Indy South Greenwood Airport, and local school corporations. The course is designed to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) using aerospace disciplines through teamwork and individual activities.

This course gives our students a general overview of aircraft design, aerodynamics, history, and some of the basic tool's pilots use. Students will immerse themselves in the world of aviation through the interactive and hands on activities; offered in this course.

Students’ STEM skills will be developed through numerous activities in a supportive  environment, allowing students to  

• Problem solve through experiments in aerodynamics. 

• Research and explain scientific principals in a written essay. 

• Apply skills used in a variety of aviation careers. 

• Complete independent assignments outside class each week


$375 (Includes all materials)

Upcoming Class:

Class is now in session! Takes place every week on Wednesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM, starting on Jan 18, 2023, ending on Mar 15, 2023. Last day for late enrollment is February 1st!


⦁ Middle School Students

⦁ Maximum class size - 16 students.

⦁ To earn flight at end of class, students must attend all class sessions (up to 2 excused absences), participate during class, and submit all homework and projects on time.


Melissa Vaught


Instructor(s) E-Mails:

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