As an elite facility, the Aviation Center of Technology offers a middle school age program in which students will learn the fundamental concepts of aviation through hands on learning. A high school age program will teach more advanced aviation concepts that the student can apply to their flight training. For the most dedicated students, a year-long flight training program will be offered, which will result in these students earning their private pilot certificates before they graduate high school. Students interested in these programs will undergo a thorough application process in which they will be interviewed by FAA-certified instructors and take a practical knowledge test. In order to help ensure career success and safety in flight, only a limited number of students will be accepted into the programs. 

Chapter 1354 is excited to begin this new journey in education and encourages all students interested in aviation to apply. We are committed to giving all students a great opportunity to succeed in aviation careers, regardless of their background, race, or gender. All it takes is dedicated passion for the dreams of aviation students to truly take flight. 

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