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Classes for middle and high school students providing practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through Aviation.

Visit Us in Greenwood, IN

The ACT is located at Indy South Greenwood Municipal Airport. Our facility is Hangar F-1, which is located by Runway 19, on the North side.

You can enter through Gate 4, which is across the street from Costco's Gas Station on Country Line Road, but you will need to be let in by an authorized ACT representative.


If you are interested in learning more about aviation and want to familiarize yourself with the ACT, the Greenwood airport and the airport environment, then schedule a tour of the ACT & Airport.


Classes begin August 9th and seats are filling fast. The tour is absolutely FREE!

"Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you'll fly" 

                                               - Unknown


Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 9am-6pm & Saturday 9am-2pm ET.

No upcoming events at the moment
  • Get inspired through a guided visit to the ACT and Indy South Greenwoo...

ACT 101: Rocketry & Launch Systems

Class will consist of lectures, lab (3D printing & construction) and a field trip where students go and launch their own rockets, which students will learn to design. 


Students will also learn about the propulsion and launch systems associated with launching their own rocket. 

ACT 110: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot Certification

Class will consist of lectures and flight time. Students will
learn the different types of UAS, build drones and employment opportunities using UAS.


The class will cover all FAA regulations governing UAS operations.


Student will receive their FAA Commercial UAS Part 107 Pilot License upon passing the FAA Knowledge Test.

ACT 200: Aircraft Engineering and Construction

Course will consist of Lectures, lab (Building the airplane) , and flight test program development. The student will learn how to read blue prints, aircraft electrical and hydraulic systems, calibrating tools, avionics and interior installation, engine types and installation, and the application of flight testing. Student will NOT flight test the finished airplane. This will be done by a EAA test pilot.

ATV 111: Technical Mathematics & 3D Printing

This class will consist of lectures, videos, and lab work (3D printing).

Upon completion, students will develop an understanding of various aspects of the aviation industry and employment opportunities.

ATV 120: Private Pilot Theory

The Private Pilot Theory will consist of lectures, lab work, flight simulator sessions, videos and flight time. Upon completion of the course, students will fly on a YE flight through our partnership with the EAA and their Young Eagles program) and interview for our Elite Pilot Program (More details coming soon).


The student will learn the National Airspace System, aviation weather, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, navigation and more.

Class will cover all aspects of the Private Pilot Ground School training to become a pilot. Upon completion, the students will receive the required sign-off endorsement to take the FAA written exam. 

ATV 132: Aviation Operations

Course will consist of lectures, videos, and interaction with aviation companies.

Enroll for Classes Beginning August 9th, 2023! Registration Ends July 31st!

A.C.T. has been working with local school corporations for over 10 years. Over 4,500 students have participated in our Young Eagles flight introduction program.

With our new Aeronautical Center of Technology, we now have the opportunity to expand our program. Partnering with the following school corporations and organizations, our project-based learning STEM programs will be open to over 100 students per semester.

Meet the Our Partners


Our aviation curriculum provides students the opportunity to engage in

  • multi-disciplinary projects,

  • enroll in dual-credit classes with local universities, and

  • intern with local aviation industry firms.


The bedrock of our classes and/or programs will give students a solid understanding in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, preparing and inspiring them to pursue careers in the aviation industry.


Along with these practical skills, and of equal importance, is our mission to develop ethical standards that promote responsibility, good citizenship, respect for authority, and solid core values in our students.


The Aeronautical Center of Technology has had a turbulent start due to a number of circumstances from funding to Covid-19, but none of them have stopped our dreams from coming into fruition.


Click through the slideshow below to take a peak at where we came from and where we are today.

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